Q) How do I open the Tee Ad Kit?

A) You need to use either Photoshop. Adobe is running a very good special offer called the “Photoshop Photography Program”, where you can get access to Photoshop CC for just $9.99/month…CLICK HERE to see their special offer page.

Or you can just use a free software called gimp (see their site here). Any software that opens psd files will be good, you might even want to do a google search for free versions of photoshop too. There's always something you can find.

Q) Where are the webinar calls that were promised on the sales page?

A) Go to Recipes - Tee Profits Recipe. And under the toggle called "Webinar Coaching Calls" right at the bottom, you'll find the replay videos and if you're still on time, there will be a link to register for the next call.