Q) When does the live training start?

A) When you purchased you should have been added to a webinar series called "Tee Profits Elite Coaching Program" automatically. You should have received a registration confirmation email with all the information right in there.

Subject Line:
Confirmation: "Tee Profits Elite Coaching Program"

Dear First Name,

Thank you for registering for:

"Tee Profits Elite Coaching Program"

This webinar is held [date information here]

[More details included too]


If you didn't receive that, please send in a support ticket and our team will help you out as soon as we get to your ticket.

Q) Why haven't I been accepted to the FB Group yet?

A) We need to verify each request to make sure that you are a paying customer and not just someone on FB who found the FB group by searching for it. Therefore, it might take 24 hours until you get accepted as this is a tedious task. 

Our representatives are working hard to speed it up though, but be patient and don't worry. Go through the content you have access to already in the members area and be assured that you'll be accepted before the live training 

Now if you know that your FB name is different than the name you used for the purchase (your Zaxaa account name is by which we recognise you inside our purchase history) please let us know proactively so that we can mark it on our sheet.

This would save us having to reach out to you and ask about it.

Thanks very much.